Closing this chapter

Hey guys, With a heavy heart, I’m saying goodbye to the Young and Seasonal blog. However if you want to keep up to date on everything that I’m up to, have a wander over to This Brit where all new content will be posted! ❤

The Small Plates Menu: Socialising with Food

It has been a long standing tradition in warmer countries: food = time to socialise, this may seem alien to people such as myself who are used to eating being a formality – be seated, eat, drink, leave is the standard form of dining in the UK. So what is Tapas and why are the Spanish so passionate about it?

Leftover Halloween Treat

Welcome to November, the month of in-between. I’m looking forward to Halloween 2017 already, and as I write this, we haven’t even had Halloween 2016, let alone Christmas, which is my second favourite time of year. This year I want to talk about how you can use your leftovers from Halloween in your transition to the festive season.
Socialising is an important part of the season, and what better way to use your leftover chocolate and sweets than in your social gatherings?

Must Watch Movies for Your Halloween Fix.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours this Halloween.
– Anonymous
So set up your blanket fort, switch off the lights and settle deep into your sofa, because it’s time to be on the edge of your seat with your heart hurting in your chest and fear in your eyes…..

Q&A: What do animals think about humans?

What do you think animals think about humans?
We’re weird AF. I mean we ARE so weird aren’t we? Just in general. Our stream of consciousness is wonderful yes, but it has brought with it so many weird things with it – like …

Travel Smart | Travel Light

The trick to avoiding looking like the delivery guys in India as you struggle onto the train, or into the airport is smart packing. The main theme here is multitasking…

AW16 Style Guide

With the weather being so temperamental, presenting a professional appearance without looking like you’ve prepared for summer, winter and everything in between is rather difficult!

Healthy Training for Sensitive Stomachs

As many of you will be aware… I love animals. I mean, it’s more than that. I don’t think there is a word strong enough. Obsessed maybe? I always get distracted by the little bundles of joy, so if you ever see me, don’t expect me to continue listening if there is a dog, cat or…

Ask Me Anything

Over the next few months I want to start an advice series where viewers can ask me questions about absolutely anything and I’ll offer my advice on the topic. If you’d like to get involved then please send your questions to my ASK FM page and I’ll compile a selection of questions and answers here on…

The Ultimate Burger (Vegetarian Style)

Burgers and gravy are two foods that I simply cannot cope without. This didn’t change when I became a vegetarian and so I set out on a mission to find the best alternative I possibly could.

Out of the Grey

Opening the curtains this morning, I was greeted again by the drizzle and grey skies of England. The traditional English weather, truly living up to its name. If I can’t beat it, then why not join it?

Spring Cleaning: The Pets Edition

If you have a little ball of fluff running around your home, chances are there will be a fine coating of hair across your entire apartment. Staying on top of this is a full time job in itself, the constant sweeping, hoovering and mopping up muddy paw prints can be time consuming, and most people simply accept that their home won’t be perfect. However, a good ol’ deep clean of your apartment yearly (or more frequently depending how much trouble your pet gets into)is the best way to keep your pets happy and healthy!